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Why should I be interested in the Academy?

The Academy offers very high quality musical tuition and master classes with top French professional and European musicians at very low prices.


What instruments and tuition does the Academy offer?

The Academy offers the following instruments:

Violin, viola, cello, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, piano, voice, guitar, accordion, chamber music …

The Academy is not limited to just the techniques of playing but also offers tuition and advice on:

  • classical playing styles
  • The control and management of stage fright and nervousness
  • Taï-Chi


How long does the Academy last?

11 days


What is the typical programme of a student at the Academy?

The main instrument tuition is given in the mornings from 9.00 to 1.00.

In the afternoon there are courses in chamber music from 2.00 to 5.00.

Late afternoon, students can attend conferences given by the composer and other musicians. They can also attend workshops about control and management of stage fright.

Many of the students doing also chamber music will prepare to give concerts as part of the Festival.

Three students concerts are given at the end of the academy.

Every night students can attend concerts given by their teachers and other famous musicians invited to the festival.


What level of musical ability is needed to attend the Academy

Grade 8 in the English system is roughly equivalent to the minimum level needed.


How intensive is the Academy, is it hard work?

It mainly depends on the student. The time schedule is full and there is quite a lot of personal work to do. But students enjoy it because they meet other students in a good atmosphere with exceptional scenery.


Is it worth attending if I cannot speak French well?

Yes, most students can speak English and at the beginning, students can always find help at the festival office.


Are there many non-French students?

One third of the students are not French


What are the fees for attending the Academy

The 2017 charges are (prices might not be the same in 2018)

Registration fee                                                110 euros

Master classes (piano, voice)                           675 euros

Master classes (other instruments)                  620 euros


Listener                                                             210 euros


Practice room                                                    nc


Accommodation                                               170 euros (4 students in a fully equipped apartment)

Accommodation                                               300 euros (2 students in a fully equipped apartment)


Can I hire an instrument?

Students must bring their own instruments except for the pianists (of course) who will find practicing studios equipped with pianos.


Are there any age limits?

No, the Academy has had students as young as 8 and as old as 65 years old .


Young students must stay with their parents in rented apartments. In this case the parents should rent their accommodation through renting agencies or hotels. A list of promotion is listed on the festival website


Where can I stay?

If your are over 18, you can either organise your own accommodation or stay with the other students in the self catering apartments. This accommodation can be arranged for you by the Academy organisers. The cost is approximately 170 euros.


Is there any organized supervision for minors ?
There is no supervision provided for within the academy. Minors generally come with their parents or with friends and are often accommodated together.

Is there any catering organized for the trainees of the academy ?
No, but there a many cafés, pizzerias and crêperies in the neighbourhood of the classrooms and the accommodations. Students can have reduced prices in a list of shops which will be given to them on the day of their arrival.


How can I find more information or arrange to attend?

Please call or email:

Mrs Benedicte Ordody, +33 1 4007 1148

Académie Festival des Arcs / création Harvest